Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Afternoon Art

This afternoon we began working on a mosaic art project. We're looking through magazines for bright, colorful pages to make the sections of our mosaics. If you have old magazines at home you could send in, we would love to recycle them and use them for our project! It is a LONG project, but definitely worth it, they turn out BEAUTIFUL! Look for more pictures to come!


  1. Hello Mrs. Johnson's little Prowlers!! I am so excited that your class has a blog, too! Mrs. Johnson rocks, and you are so lucky to be in her class! Enjoy your new blog! It will be fun for my class to check in with your class! Keep up the good work!

    Mrs. Delzer

  2. It looks like the kids are having fun with the Mosaic Art Project! Love to see the kids working hard. Can't wait to see the final projects!