Monday, October 1, 2012

The Week at a Glance.....

Here's what's happening this week:
Monday- today we had music, and the Climb Theater was here to do a presentation on bullying 
Tuesday- Phy. Ed., Science, Media
Wednesday- Music
Thursday- Phy. Ed.
Friday- Music, HOMECOMING PARADE @ 1:00!!!

*Please send back the green conference forms as soon as you can! Also, if you can't make it at that time, its helpful if you can write some times that would work so I can reschedule! Thanks!

** Also, today your kiddos are coming home with an orange Reading Log in their Moose book. In third grade, a minimum of 20 minutes of at home reading every night is required homework. They can read independently, to you, or even you reading to them counts. We keep track of this on the reading log. All I need is the title of the book or books read, how many minutes, and a parent/grandparent/guardian's initials. Also, your child can most certainly fill in the book information and minutes by themselves, so all you have to do is initial! I will be checking their logs daily. Thanks for your help in creating successful readers!!

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