Monday, November 5, 2012

A Couple Reminders......

Good morning! Just a few reminders........
1. Booster Club starts today!! 
2. Don't forget to go vote tomorrow! Bring the kids! 
3. We have an early out day on Friday at 1:00. It is also Camo day that day!

Also, I've added our spelling words to the blog! I will hopefully be good about keeping them updated every week! :) Look for them on the top of your child's bright green homework sheet in their Moose binder as well. Don't forget to try out Spelling City at home, the library, or anywhere else you have internet access. It's a great way to practice those words! We have loved it when we've used it at school! Quizzing your kids or having them write them a few times on the back of homework is great practice too!

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