Friday, October 11, 2013

Happy Friday!

We had another busy and crazy Friday today! The football team came this morning for Prowler Pride. They brought 4 of their seniors and talked about what they love about football, what position they play, what else they are involved in, and even gave away some footballs! They play the Crookston Pirates tonight! I bet it'll be a wet game!
Check out these pictures also under the Prower Pride tab. I will post all of our team pictures, and any other Prowler Pride pictures here so they are all in the same place! 

The winners of the footballs from Coach Attig!
Check out some other things we've been up to this week:

We started a fiction unit focusing mostly on character in Reading Workshop. We started reading the chapter book Because of Winn-Dixie and below that are a few of my other favorite books I read.

In Writing Workshop this week we reread our writers' notebooks to look for a topic we can write more about. We are going to write a personal narrative. We looked for a seed idea that was small enough and focused on just ONE event, but large enough to tell a story and entertain the reader. We chose 3 possible ideas and shared them with a partner who helped decide which one would make the best story!

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  1. Keep it up, Little Prowlers! You are lucky to be learning from such an awesome teacher! :) :)

    <3 Mrs. Delzer