Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MCA Math Test

Tomorrow and Thursday morning we will be taking the MCA math test! We take it right away at 8:30! Please make sure your kids are here on time! Also make sure they've gotten a good night's sleep and eaten breakfast so they're ready to do their best thinking!!

Bright Ideas for MCA Test Taking
Mrs. Johnson…

¨  Get plenty of rest the night before.

¨  Eat a good breakfast at home or at school.

¨  Listen carefully to the directions when the
teacher is giving them.

¨  Don’t worry about how you will do.
Just take enough time to
do your very best!

¨  Show all of your work
when you solve a math problem.

¨  Use your reading strategies.

¨  Take time to highlight the clues, evidence, or
proof to support your answer.

¨  Have a GREAT attitude! You CAN do it.

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