Friday, February 17, 2012

Poetry Friday

Today we read poetry books and looked for a poem that connected to us and our lives somehow. We wanted to read it and think, "Wow! That's totally me!!" I read the kids one of my favorite poems, Please Bury Me in the Library. Once they found a poem, they copied it into their poetry anthologies, illustrated it, and wrote a few sentences on why they chose that poem and how it connected to them. Enjoy the pics! Have a fantastic weekend! :)
Carefully copying poems!

Rylie chose a poem about January and winter weather.

Shawn is searching for the right poem to jump out at him.

Brenden and Brooklyn copying their poems.

Gannon copying his cat poem.

Brenden hates bad weather! 

Brooklyn loves to shop for new clothes!

Adam loves sports!

April said she loves to dance in the rain! She was so excited to find this poem because she said it was totally her!

I love this poem Gwen chose called, Everybody Says

Tylan can relate with getting his fish hook snagged!

Gannon said he wished he could have even MORE than 17 cats!  Yikes! :)

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