Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday!!

Happy Friday everyone! Here is my Five for Friday from Doodle Bugs!

So, today is Friday, just had my first official week of summer. Two days were spent at Literacy Team meetings discussing grade level data and plans for next year. Other than that, I dont' have much to show for it! The cleaning and organizing I was actually looking forward to....... hasn't happened yet. 

1. I've spent so much of my time this week addicted to things like:

Pinterest. I was really good for awhile about not spending tons of time on here. But...... the addiction is back.

Instagram! Yes..... I'm aware I only have 4 photos. I'm new to the Instagram bandwagon!  Follow me! :)

2. The Fed Ex man delivered a box to me today with this little beauty in it! I got it shopping in Albertville last weekend. So excited! I love getting things in the mail, especially when it's something as awesome as a new jacket! :)

3. I spent last night making these cute new icons for my phone! Cute, huh?! :)

4. I love these big cups with straws in them. I already have a few, but thought I needed MORE of course for summer. So I just picked up these yesterday. Drinking a Dr. Pepper out of one right now! :)

5. Summer is on the brain. I've been loving the weather these last few days. Our yard is so green, and soft, and freshly mowed! And I've been loving sitting out on the deck!

Layla and I on our way out to the field with supper!

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  1. Yeah! I love your first Five For Friday!!!! So glad you did it! Love your signature too! Cute cute cute!


    1. Me too! You'll have to get in on the Currently linky at the beginning of July! Linkin up any way we can!! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great first week! Your new jacket is adorable. Love the color! Enjoy the weekend!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings