Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tried it Tuesday with Bloglovin (On Wednesday Morning)

I started last night, to make it for Tried it Tuesday, but quickly realized I was too tired. So, I'll be linking up with Fourth Grade Flipper for "Tried it Wednesday Morning." :)

Ok, so I keep hearing Google Reader is going away. I don't use google reader, but I DO follow tons of blogs that I would be so sad if I lost. I also heard that the Google Friend Connect will be gone, so we won't be able to see our followers! :( At the moment, I have 43. I loved being able to see all the parents and teachers who follow my little class blog. Especially, I've gained some new followers lately from some inspirational, role model, CELEBRITY teachers who have blogs I consistently stalk! I'm not exactly sure how this switch over on July 1st will affect me, but I am giving Bloglovin a try cause that's ALL I've been hearing about and seems to be the thing to do! I'm also excited about the fact they have an app for my iPhone and iPad, I'm hoping they are as nice and easy to read as everyone says!

Bloglovin was really easy to sign up for and import blogs. I had 245 blogs to import! Luckily it only took a few minutes. Please click on the widget on the top left corner and follow my blog with Bloglovin!!

Claiming my blog:

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