Saturday, September 28, 2013

Homecoming Parade!

We had a blast at the Homecoming Parade yesterday afternoon. It was a bit misty throughout the whole thing, but we were just glad it wasn't cancelled. 

Check out what we scored at the parade!! 
Last Friday we had some members from the TRF Rotary bring every 3rd grader a new dictionary! We are so excited to use them this year!

 That morning we also had the LHS swim team come and visit our classroom for our first Prowler Pride of the year. In third grade, almost every Friday, we have a different team, club, or organization come and visit. They talk to us about their activity, other activities they are in, being a good student, and what it means to be a Prowler. It is one of the best things about 3rd grade! We've had a couple of busy Fridays!
 Have a great weekend!
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