Monday, September 2, 2013

September Currently! Yikes!

Yikes! It's already September! School starts in 2 days! Craaaaa-zy!!! I'm joining Farley's linky to share my September Currently!

Listening: As I type, I'm watching Chelsea Lately on E! She kills me. I want to read her books, I hear they are hilarious. :)
Loving: I loved that it felt nice and cool out today. Definitely September weather. Fall is right around the corner! And I got to spend the beautiful day with my family to celebrate my dad's birthday which is on Tuesday.

Thinking: I should get to bed! It's way after midnight and I'm tired. My habit of staying up late is going to make getting up for school very rough!
Wanting: A few more days before school starts! I'm excited for a new school year to start, but could always use a few more days. Who couldn't?? I never feel ready.
Needing: I need to get planning! I was so focused on getting set for open house that now I've got to get to some teaching planning! That's what tomorrow is for. ;)
Goals for me this month
1. I definitely need to start working out more. That's always a goal.
2. I love to read and was looking forward to doing that this summer. However, I didn't read NEAR as much as I wanted. I want to make myself make time to read non school-related books this year. 
3. I have some projects that I want to get done at home. I always think that when school starts, time for all that stuff is over. School consumes so much of my life because I let it! I need to make myself make time for all of those things......working out, reading, and projects around the house.

Happy Back-to-School Month!
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  1. Hello!
    I'm happy to be linking up with you from Farley's Currently linky. Balance is such a troublesome spot in most obsessive teacher's lives. I always find it a struggle myself but as long as you plan out the important times to make sure you are present in doing what you love with the people who matter in your life then you won't allow yourself to become consumed by the never-ending "school to-do list." I know you'll be better at balancing your work-home life this month because you've already set this goal for yourself which is probably a better start than last month!
    :) Happy September!
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  2. Hi! I found your blog from Farley's linky and I am your newest follower. I totally get "needing a few more days.." I started on 8/15 and I still need more time! LOL! It seems as there is always more to do! Exercise is one of my goals this month, as well. It seems when school starts, exercise is the first thing I let go. My goal is to not let that happen! Good luck with your goals and your new group of students!

    Beth :)
    A Kindergarten Life For Me

    1. P.S. LOVE the colors and style of your blog!! So adorable! :)

  3. I was reading your currently thinking this looks familiar! Then I realised I saw it on instagram! Can't believe I wasn't following your blog too. That was quickly remedied!! All the best for back to school! I'm terrible at getting back into a good sleep pattern - I hope it comes quickly for ya!
    The E-Z Class

  4. Your blog is so stinkin' cute!! Love it, and love Currently! Best of luck on your new school year. We went back August 7th, and I still need more time. ha! :) So happy to have found your blog !

    First Grade Fairytales

  5. I've probably read Chelsea's My Horizontal Life 10 times since first finding it in college. It's terribly dirty BUT hilarious! PS I'm loving your bloggy make-over! So Ca-Ute!
    Short and Sassy Teacher