Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Show Us Your...... Favorite Read Alouds! :)

I'm linking up with Tracey at The Teacher's Chair to share some of my favorite back to school read alouds! Read alouds are a very important part of my classroom literacy block. Since it will soon be time to think about planning those first few days of school, here are some of my favorites I plan on reading!

I read this on the first day of school and talk about how important it is to be a bucket filler rather than a bucket dipper! We continue this throughout the year!

Great book for talking about classroom expectations and consequences!
I love anything and everything by Peter Reynolds. Both The Dot and Ish are FANTASTIC! 

This is one of my all-time favs. Freckleface Strawberry gets teased for her freckles and red hair. I like to talk about what makes people different and special and unique. 

The next 2 are wonderful read alouds about friendship! 

I could go on all day. I have multiple baskets of read alouds for different things at the beginning of the year. Some I read for Responsive Classroom that deal with expectations, consequences, friendship, and how we treat each other. Some are read that aid in establishing Reading Workshop, and others are great for Writers Notebook lessons. So many great ones for the beginning of the year! :)

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  1. YOU ROCK! Love ALL these books! :)