Monday, August 12, 2013

Blog Hop Monday: 10 Things About Me

Happy Monday! I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' for Meet the Teacher Monday. Only a couple more free Mondays before I'm back to school! Yikes!! Check out 10 things about me!

1. I'm about to start my 6th year teaching 3rd grade. I love 3rd grade, my team, and my school so much, there's no place I'd rather be every day!

2. I have a chocolate lab named Layla who is my husband's and my child. She's the cutest, sweetest dog on the planet and pretty much gets anything she wants! We also have a sweet, cuddly kitty named Morgan. I love her, but my husband, not so much! He's definitely not a cat person, good thing she has me to defend her. :)

3. My husband is a farmer and we live in the country, and have been married for 6 years. I love living in the country with all the space of our big yard. The only downside is having to drive 40 miles to work. :( Thank goodness for summer break!

4. Two things I love to drink: coffee from Starbucks, and Dr. Pepper! 

5. I love to read. It's so hard to find time to read personal, non school-related books. That's what I was looking forward to this summer and do you know many I read? Zero!! I'm so disappointed in myself, what have I been doing?! Blogging I suppose.....along with other things going on. Guess I'll have to make myself make time for it during the school year! 

6. I have two older brothers who are twins, and one younger sister. 

7. I have two adorable, funny, perfect nephews, my sister's boys, named Brody (5 yrs.- about to start Kindergarten!) and Jax (7 mo). 

8. In the spring I coach Track. I have done it for 4 years. My first 2 I was the middle school head coach, and the past 2 years I've been the varsity girls and boys head coach. I really enjoy it, but it is so much more work, stress, organization, management, and responsibility than I ever imagined! It makes the spring beyond crazily busy and fly by super fast! 

9. I am very addicted to my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. In fact, I feel like a kid cause my husband often threatens to take them away from me. He has a time or two designated days "tech-free." I can't help it! 

10. I have 2 weeks left of summer vacation!!! My district is going 1:1 this year and I am BEYOND excited. It will be a lot of work to get it implemented and get everyone trained and on board, but it will be so worth it. The kids in our district are so lucky for an opportunity like this. I get to help by training the K-3 teachers on iPads! Yikes! 

Hope you enjoyed reading a little about me, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll follow my blog to continue learning more! Have a great week! :)
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  1. So happy to have found your super cute blog. I love your shares, and am super jealous of your living out in the country. I smack dab in the middle of the city, and dream of moving way out one day!! :)

    First Grade Fairytales